• Brock Briggs

A Friendship Recipe

Take a few minutes and think about your best friend and how you guys got acquainted. Think about what you've been through together. I'd be willing to bet that you two have experienced some things together, some very difficult things. It's odd, you think about someone as your "best friend" as something that is associated with something happy, but really in hindsight all you can think about is the hard, not so happy things. Almost like an oxymoron.

Why are these two things linked? Why are we better friends because we've survived something tough? In the moments you go through something difficult with another person you are seeing if you have the will to stick it out. Is this person worth this struggle? You ask yourself that every single time something is bad or hard. I see why I've heard the advice from successful married people that said they just kept choosing one another. That's a lot of decisions, putting them over you but the rewards are endless.

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