• Brock Briggs

Are We Evolving?

In one of the final chapters of Sapiens, Harari poses the question of whether we are happier human beings as a result of our evolution. First instinct tells us that yes we must be because look at all this technology and scientific advancements we have now. But is that really what fills our strong desire for happiness?

While we have the advantage of having a much longer life and consistent access to the basic necessities like food and shelter, I can't honestly say what other of our absolute needs are being fulfilled now that wasn't thousands of years ago. Our priorities are much different now yes but we also have much different threats now than during hunter-gatherer times. Back then our bodies were in danger of the elements and the wild, now it is our minds that are in danger. Having more minds driven focuses alters our sense of what we think we need to be happy.

Considering my true needs for happiness today makes me realize that we haven't come far. Material things have evolved around us. Human beings have and will always find happiness in the things that are true and stand the test time like math, science, and relationships. Sure makes things like the day to day problems we complain about seem pretty small. In a world of complexity, seek simplicity.

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