• Brock Briggs

Finding Balance

A topic that frequents my mind is how I can be more effective. How can I increase the likelihood of success in the things I pursue. When I notice that I'm not being effective, I can usually point to one thing in my life that isn't quite right. Something is wrong or out of balance. Finding balance continuous ongoing balance may be the key to living an effective life. Near as I can tell, there are four things we as humans need to continually have to meet this balance.

  1. Physical wellness. If you aren't physically healthy, you are at a tremendous disadvantage to many things. Incorporating an active, healthy lifestyle with good eating habits will keep your physical body whole and strong enough to continue moving you forward.

  2. Mental wellness. After your physical body is keeping a healthy mind. This requires two things in my book: you need to have a positive relationship with yourself and need to be challenging your mind on a regular basis. Our brains are like muscles, they require regular practice and engagement otherwise we go stale.

  3. Emotional wellness. Our emotions dictate such a large part of what we do. We are don't think things through as well as we should. Strong emotional wellness is mature and is slow to anger. Being rational keeps us from getting sideswiped when the problems come, and come they will.

  4. Spiritual wellness. Whether you believe in the Christian God or no god, I think there is some aspect of spirituality that can appeal to everyone. It doesn't have to be about religion, but just engaging your mind in some sort of enlightened thinking is important. This is super easy to neglect and I'm guilty of it - something I want to be more tuned into going forward in life.

These things are what make us up and finding the balance of them is what makes us whole.

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