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Do you ever feel like you think about the same things all the time? A new topic will enter your mind but after some thought, it seems to always result in the same subject, almost like a wall you can't get past. I've experienced this my entire adult life but never knew it was something other people experienced. Isn't that funny - thinking that something we feel is unique to us within a world of 7 billion people. While we are all unique, we are all very similar and struggle with many of the same issues. This is a creativity problem.

I was clued into this earlier today when I saw a post from David Perell who posted a photo that contained a personal reminder. This reminder is something that he looks back on whenever he gets into what he calls a "creative slump". It's in this slump he identifies what I'm talking about here - the escape of recurring thought patterns. I immediately said "I know that feeling". I'm guessing that we all have.

This past month, I've committed to writing every day which has been extremely good. Almost too good - some days I don't have a lot to write about here which is a good problem to have. After this month, I think that I will write a few times a week and should have more to say. Part of why I think I have run out of things to write about is my brain has been emptied of ideas. This is what it has taken to get my creative mind flowing. David's most important things are 4 hours per day for his health; an hour for working out, an hour and a half of reading and writing without any distractions. That's something I want to work towards.

To unleash your creativity, you need to stimulate your mind. Stimulating your mind entails the exact opposite of what it sounds like - we don't need more information we need less and we need the time to process what we do have. Reading and writing are the keys to processing our mental workload and opening the floodgates of our mind's creativity.

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