• Brock Briggs

Learning from Jack Butcher - 5

Building Principle 5:

"Use free time to build systems that free up time.

'Let systems run the business and people run the systems' - Michael Gerber"

I've talked before about the importance of time, our most valuable resource. This is something that gets right to my heart. Finding ways to save time by automating things that aren't high importance items frees us to focus on creative work that is moving the needle for us. What is it that makes automation so effective?

We are able to automate so much in our lives today. Looking at how much can be performed with a cell phone or computer blows the socks off of our options 20 or even 5-10 years ago. We find more efficient ways of transporting goods, machines to make goods that would need to be made otherwise by hand, and more effective use of energy all because of automation. While this is all great, I think we miss where we should be spending our time learning to automate, ourselves.

We don't automate savings because we think we don't need it. We don't have our bills paid automatically because we want to be in control of our money. We don't automate our diets because we don't want to sacrifice foods we like. There are so many things we are better off to take out of our hands but we stubbornly choose not to. Have we always been like this?

While automation in today's sense is relatively new, the concept of automation has been around forever. I'm currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Harari and so I feel the need to compare everything to old primitive times. Even back then people were looking for other people to do things for them. They had a system for getting things done, they had leverage you might say. The only thing different about primitive leverage vs today's leverage is today's is much more powerful. Only if we use it though.

Only if we use it gets at the heart of what makes automation so great. Yes, it performs more work so we don't have to, but the beauty of automation is that it solves an innate problem with our human nature, our lack of perfection. We make mistakes over and over again. We were tired, not thinking clearly, misunderstood - the list of possibilities that bring us failure are endless. Automation doesn't suffer from that problem. It's something that won't misunderstand the directions. It won't get tired of doing it. It fills in our weakness and allows us to spend time as it was meant to be.

Are you staring at your missing piece and not becoming whole?

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