• Brock Briggs


Tonight was the first night a club I'm involved with has been able to meet in person in over a year. COVID has taken its toll in many ways - we don't see friends or family as much. Maybe our jobs have changed. I feel like a bit of a different person since COVID has begun and I was sitting in our meeting tonight when I realized that.

I used to be someone so anxious to get out and about, but never to really be around people. I enjoyed strolling by myself, running errands, and just being out of the house in general. This has done a complete 180 since moving my life to my room - I have no real reason to leave and anything I do have to leave the house for has become an inconvenience. What has also undergone a shift in my desire to be around more people? Having the ability to laugh and share ideas and get into arguments - I don't know why I miss that last bit so much.

One of the ideas I keep coming back to in these writes is how social of creatures we are. We need relationships because they're one of the few things, if not the only thing, in this life that means anything. I can't wait to get back to normal.

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