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I recently watched the Disney movie "Soul" and was blown away for a few reasons. I'm not sure how the movie could be categorized as a kids movie for one, but for two the ability to communicate a message. Disney has always been great at creating redeeming messages for kids but Soul took it to another level. Dealing with topics of inspiration, true happiness, and purpose in life, Disney distilled some of life's biggest questions down into some of the most basic concepts. There isn't an adult alive who wouldn't pick up a message from the movie.

As I've continued to practice writing, I see how important that really is; breaking something down into its simplest form. Analogies and complex metaphors often go over the reader's head and may not provide the same level of understanding they did for you. But when you explain something simply, it's easy for people to connect the dots and leaves the door open for them to fill in the blanks to their own lives.

One of the quotes from the movie got me thinking about purpose. As a 27-year-old about to graduate college, you have to believe I've been thinking a lot about this subject. The quote is short and simple - "A spark isn't a soul's purpose, rather, just a sign that they're ready to live life on Earth". There are some nuances to the story that gives context to this quote but I'm not going to get into them here (go watch the movie). It got me to think through about what my sparks are. I think the more in touch you are with yourself, the more aware of these sparks you are. That explains why when you're young you don't really know what your "passion" is that everyone keeps telling you to follow.

What people don't tell you is the wisdom this quote provides. Just because you have a spark with something doesn't mean that's your purpose. Something new and exciting can raise all sorts of feelings inside you but there are likely many things that do that, you just don't' know them yet. It's hard to acknowledge this because when that discovery moment happens, it's overwhelming and feels like you just discovered electricity. You're rushing to tell anyone who will listen about this breakthrough moment you had. This is a feeling you easily fall in love with, and I think that's where I've been. Chasing discovery and breakthrough moments.

While it's fine to pursue interests, there is something that is bigger than these sparks, our purpose. We don't have the lifetime to pursue each spark, but the ones we do should be aligned with our purpose, whatever that may be.

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